Tribute Acts

Just A Small Selection Of Our Tribute Acts

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Abba Tribute Acts

Abbalike, Abbamania, Abba 2000, Abba Dream, Abba Experience, Abba Fever, Abba Forever, Abba Gold, Abba Inferno, Abba Magic, Abba Steps, Abba Rival, Abba UK, Arrival, Bootleg Abba, Bjorn Again, Counterfeit Abba, Fabbalus, Mama Mia, Super Trooper, Voulez Vous   

AC/DC Tribute Acts

AC/DC or is it, ABCD

Al Jolson Tribute Acts

Give My Regards To Jolson

Alanis Morrisette Tribute Acts


All Saints Tribute Acts

All Sainters, Totally All Saints

Annie Lennox Tribute Acts

Sharon Andrews

Atomic Kitten Tribute Acts

Atomic Kittee

Barbara Streisand Tribute Acts

Tina Law

Barry White Tribute Acts

Popsi Williams

Beach Boys Tribute Acts

Beachboys Inc., Bootleg Beach Boys, Gidea Park, Good Vibrations, Surfin USA, White Plains

Beatles Tribute Acts

Anthology Of The Beatles, Beatles 2000, Fab 4, The Backbeat Beatles, The Bandit Beatles, The Bootleg Beatles, The Buttles, The Daytrippers, The Fab Beatles, The Other Beatles, The Prefab Four 

Beautiful South Tribute Acts

Beautiful House, The Dutiful South, Martins, Northern Scum

Bee Gees Tribute Acts

Bootleg, Bee Gees, Counterfiet Bee Gees, Stayin' Alive, Taste Of Honey, UK Bee Gees

B*Witched Tribute Acts

Be Witched, De*Witched

Billie Piper Tribute Acts


Billy Joel Tribute Acts

Mike Taylor

Blondie Tribute Acts

Atomic Blondie, Atomix, Heart Of Glass, Karen Page, Once More Into The Beach, Platinum Blonde, Sunday Girl

Blues Brothers Tribute Acts

Belooshie Blues Brothers, Briefcase Blues Brothers, Illinois Blues Brothers, Jake & Elwood, The Booze Bro's, The Outrageous Blues Brothers Show, The Yankee Blues Brothers

Blur Tribute Acts

Blurasis, Blurid

Bob Marley Tribute Acts

Buffalo Soljah, Duppy Conquerors, Trenchtown Exp.

Bon Jovi Tribute Acts

Bi Jovi, Blaze Of Glory, Bon Jordi, David Burrows, New Jersey

Boyzone Tribute Acts


Britney Spears Tribute Acts

Britney, Great Britney Exp., Jeni Jaye

Bruce Springsteen Tribute acts

Born To Bruce, Glory Days

Bryan Adams Tribute Acts

69, Bryan Adams Tribute, Reckless, Run To You

Buddy Holly Tribute Acts

Alan Beck, Bootleg Buddy, Buddy & The Hollydays, Buddy Walker, Hey Buddy, Mark Robinson

Carpenters Tribute Acts

Carpenters Exp., Phill Aldridge & Claire Furley, Yesterday Once More

Celine Dion Tribute Acts

Liza Starlight

Sally Moore, Tracey Shields

Cher Tribute Acts

Ann Marie, Deborah Egan, Laura Stewart, Marie Lloyd, The Cher Experience, Yvonne Haylen

Chris De Burgh Tribute Acts

Alan James

Cliff Richard Tribute Acts

Danny Owen, Jimmy Jemain

Commitments Tribute Acts

The Commited, The Commitments 2, The Con-mitments

Corrs Tribute Acts

Corrs R Us, Talk On Corners, The Corrds

Crowded House Tribute Acts

Clouded House

Dame Shirley Bassey Tribute Acts

Carolyn Rowe, Chrissy Dean,

 Liza Starlight

Maria Halliday, Milli Munro, Vinette Caven

David Bowie Tribute Acts

Jean Genie, Rob Hughes, Ultimate Bowie, Young Americans

Diana Ross Tribute Acts

Milli Munro

Divas Tribute Acts

Divas In Concert

Eagles Tribute Acts

Ultimate Eagles

Elvis Tribute Acts

Andy Woodward, Geoff Roberts,

In Memory of the King

Joseph King, Juan Lozano, Lee Jackson, M.T. Knight, Paul James

Gladys Knight & The Pips Tribute Acts

Biby James, Vinnette Cowen

Gloria Estefan Tribute Acts

Artemis Manias, Deborah Egan, Jennie Bonita

Guns & Roses Tribute Acts

Guns & Poses, Sons ni Guns

Hank Marvin Tribute Acts

Ian Lockyer

Human League Tribute Acts

Anthology Of The Human League, The League

INXS Tribute Acts


James Tribute Acts


James Brown Tribute Acts


James Bond Tribute Acts

Liza Starlight

Janet Jackson Tribute Acts

Marie Lloyd, Shakia

Jimmy Hendrix Tribute Acts

Are You Experienced, The Hamsters

Julio Inglesias Tribute Acts

Danny Owen

Kings Of Leon Tribute Acts

Killers Of Leon

Kylie Minogue Tribute Acts

Faye, Kylie Fever

Lady Ga Ga Tribute Acts

The Lady Ga Ga Experience, Vicky Jackson

Led Zepplin Tribute Acts

Fred Zepplin, Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Led Show

Lighthouse Family Tribute Acts

Houselight Family

Lionel Richie Tribute Acts

Hamilton Brown

Lulu Tribute Acts

Luvvers Of Lulu, Maxine Mazunder

Luther Vandross Tribute Acts

Michael Moore

Madness Tribute Acts

Absolute Madness, Badness, Completely Mad, One Step Behind, The Madtones, Utter Madness

Madonna Tribute Acts

Debbie Nunn, Deception, Lorelei Lee, Prima Donna, Sally Moore, The Immaculate, Vogue

Manic Street Preachers Tribute Acts

Generation, Preachers

Mariah Carey Tribute Acts

Emily Reed

Meatloaf Tribute Acts

Back Out Of Hell, Legend Of Meatloaf, Mark Taylor, Steve Steinman, Taste Of Meatloaf, Terry Nash

Neil Diamond Tribute Acts

Gary Ryan, Ian Scott, Pete Nabarro

Oasis Tribute Acts


Prince Tribute Acts

Mark Anthony, Purple Reign, Revolution, The Prince

Queen Tribute Acts

Closet Queen, Ga Ga, Killer Queen, Kings Of Queen, Magic, Mercury, Night At The Opera, One Vision, QEII, The Bohemians  

REM Tribute Acts

Monster, R. We Them

Ricky Martin Tribute Acts

Andy Wood, Danny Diego, La Vida Loca, Latino Heat

Robbie Williams Tribute Acts

Angels, Carl Lowe, Chris Martyn, Mike Andrew, Millennium, Robbie's Millennium, Robbing Williams 

Rod Stewart Tribute Acts

Des Martine, Ged Bolton, Jack Danson, Jerry Casper, Stan Terry, Tonight's The Night

Rolling Stones Tribute Acts

Counterfeit Stones, Like A Rolling Stone, Rolling Tones, Satisfaction, Stoned Again, The Rollin' Clones, The Strolling Bones 

Ronan Keating Tribute Acts

Paul Sutton

Roy 'Chubby' Brown Tribute Acts

Chubby Spencer

Roy Orbison Tribute Acts

Gerry Grant, In Dreams, Richard Leeman, The Roy Orbison Experience 

S Club 7 Tribute Acts

S Club Heaven, S Club Party

Shania Twain Tribute Acts

Corrie Nichol, Mel Taylor, Shania, Terri-Anne

Sheryl Crow Tribute Acts

Anelia Manova, Karen Page

Showaddy Waddy Tribute Acts

Shomaddy Maddy, The Teddys

Simply Red Tribute Acts

A New Frame, Red Mick, Simply Said, Wonderland

Slade Tribute Acts

Bootleg Slade, Cum On Feel The Noise

Spice Girls Tribute Acts

Nice n' Spicey, Spice Powder, Super Spice, The Spice-ish Girls, The Spicier Girls

Stereophonics Tribute Acts


Soul & Motown Tribute Show


Take That Tribute Acts

Back For Good, Simply Take That, Take On Take That, Take That 2, Take That 2 & Party, Take That Experience

Tina Turner Tribute Acts

Anne Marie

Liza Starlight

Milli Munro, Nova Casper, The Girl From Nutbush, Totally Tina

Tom Jones Tribute Acts

Andy Wood, Billy Lee, Ian Scott, Mike Aubrey, T.J. Slater

Sir Tom Jones & Dame Shirley Bassey Tribute Show


Ian Scott & Liza Starlight

Whitney Houston Tribute Acts 

Liza Starlight

Milli Munro


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